Picvario is a multifunctional tool, which allows its users to collect, identify and store images and videos from internet sources.

Everyday hundreds of millions of images and videos are posted online. Picvario is able to analyze the images, create descriptions for them and store them from websites and social
media, which are relevant to your needs.

The automatic accumulation of images from your preferred sources will free you from routine, time wasting searches through hundreds of posts online.
Picvario can identify faces of celebrities and write out their names into meta data. This meta data will also contain key words related to the image, making finding the necessary images even easier.

Picvario also conserves the original text that accompanied the image and provides an automatic translation. This will allow you to find images from other countries and their
media sources more easily.

In addition, the meta data will always allow you to find the original source of the image or video to verify the authenticity of the source, site it or contact the creator.

Not only is Picvario a search engine and catalogue for images, but it can also serve as an instrument to distribute images and information in media.