Tactics used by FC Spartak Moscow to bring its digital archives back on track

Case study
Spartak Moscow, one of Russia's top football clubs, is not just one of the leaders in the league table, it is also a leader in the field of developing its extensive media archives and rich club legacy using the latest technology. Let's look at how Spartak progressively managed their digital assets in conjunction with Picvario over the last six months.

Spartak keeps in touch with their fan base through a dedicated media team who documents the daily life of the club using multiple photographs and videos. The best images are used in marketing, PR, merchandising, media publications and sponsorship.

Prior to cooperation with Picvario, the club archives were scattered across hard drives, servers or cloud storage. The archives were unstructured, and files often did not include tags or metadata. Finding the right archives promptly was, frankly, a struggle.

New signing needed to set up an organized picture library with pinpoint search ability

The main task of DAM Picvario within the club was to create a secure library of assets to:
  • provide a quick search option to access media;
  • protect content from loss or deletion;
  • assure a future goal of allowing the club to share content with all its departments and partners.
Over 12,000 files, covering the last two seasons, have already been uploaded onto the new DAM system along with fine-tuning to meet the specific needs of the club. Spartak will then upload the rest of their archive bank on to DAM.

Spartak keeps up to date by promptly adapting and implementing Picvario's latest developments, such as the dynamic homepage, which is now updated automatically, reflecting the freshest uploaded assets.

Homepage of FC Spartak in the DAM system

Facial Recognition Library

Another smart feature used by Spartak is the creation of a database of key people, such as players, officials, managers and backroom staff. It currently contains around 700 entries, allowing metadata to be added and searched automatically.
    Face bank from Spartak, showing player pool portraits

    Asset distribution, monetization, and PR in mass-media

    AClub media editors have kicked off a unique project to monetize footballing assets with image licensing. Photographs will now not only be displayed in the Picvario media library, but also distributed worldwide via partner agencies. Almost 1 000
    images have been published during the past three months. This raises the club's profile across the globe with a view to increasing profitability.

    Logging in with Active Directory

    Currently the system is accessed by up to a dozen personnel logging in with their Microsoft passwords. This entry method is easily integrated into the DAM system.
    Module Analytics: Data over 7 days. An average of 190 daily search queries,
    which required manual procession prior to Picvario.
    Customer Review

    Andrei Zhelnov
    Photo Editor of FC Spartak Moscow
    "Spartak Moscow has an extensive but unstructured media archive. We are currently processing these accumulated photo and video assets to transfer them onto the Picvario system. We have set Picvario to meet our club's requirements and, at the same time, we learn how best to operate it. The last two years of Spartak's assets have now been successfully transferred onto Picvario with a future target of creating a unified storage of all our files. This will ensure the safekeeping of all our media content, as well as opening up the opportunity to monetize our assets worldwide."
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