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We are tremendously proud to equip users with media file software that simplifies experiences across the entire content ecosystem.

Our Mission

Men think in words and images. We often try to find descriptions for everything new around us. A word is followed by a «picture» — a visual image. The brighter the image, the stronger the connection between words and pictures. The better and faster we assimilate new things, remember them better, and feel engaged. That’s why there are so many pictures, illustrations, and videos in today’s ocean of information. At Picvario, we create tools that help people find, design, and share visual objects. Striving to help people learn about the world, communicate, and love.

Meet our team

Our Company

Sergei Fomin

Founder and CEO Picvario

Sergei is the Founder and CEO of Picvario. A rocket fuel engineer with a Ph.D., his interests have always lied in media and software development. Initially, Sergei managed a popular photo stock agency Global Look. The child-like interest in paragliding led him to create the project Russia from Above, later adapted into a documentary narrated by Benjamin Volz and John Malkovich. He actively participates in the events of American (DMLA) and European (CEPIC) associations of media archives and takes part in the work of the IPTC metadata standards council. He is simultaneously working with new trends in media content development at Picvario. 

Our Company

Roman Martirosyan

Head of Software Development

Roman is the head of software development at Picvario.  For more than ten years, he has created IT products for businesses and designed complex information systems. He received his first degree at Wrexham Glyndŵr University, studying Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering. Roman has launched more than 30 IT products for b2b and b2c markets, acting as a leading business analyst and project manager.

Our Company

Naudine Mosime

International Marketing Director

Naudine Mosime is an International Marketing Director at Picvario. Previously, Naudine worked as a marketing manager for an international tech software company. Naudine’s passion is helping tech companies reach a global scale. As a marketing specialist at B2B companies, Naudine works hard to bridge the gap between international operations and the local market.

Our Company

Lilia Sagitova

International Product Manager

Lilia is a product manager at Picvario, whose main interests stem from assistive technology software. She has completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto studying global health. Before joining Picvario, Lilia focused on web accessibility initiatives supporting the development of tools people use to interact with any software conveniently. She plays volleyball on Woodbine beach and enjoys volunteering at a doggy daycare in her free time.

Our Values

Customer focus

Everything we do reflects our customer’s user experience.  We constantly ask ourselves, «How will this make our customer’s life better?»  We love interacting with our customers and try to exceed their expectations.

Flexibility & Adaptability

As we set out to design the platform, we unanimously decided that Picvario should be flexible and adaptable to users’ needs. Flexibility is our core value. Individuals excited for the growth and dynamic changes will be pleasantly surprised when working with our team and our platform.

Technology & Innovation

Picvario is a young startup with ambitious development plans for our platform and team members. We appreciate new ideas, aim to implement innovative technologies, and grip onto opportunities that helps us to create a product that meets all the latest requirements.

Simplicity & Convenience

Our goal is to make complicated things sophisticated and straightforward. We followed this approach when we developed Picvario and our company.

Respect for Individuality

We value each employee’s passion and approach to difficulties. We have created an atmosphere of trust and confidence within the team, where everyone can express their opinion. We understand the benefits of mistakes and the importance of creative freedom to solve them. We appreciate individual efficiency, as well as productive teamwork.

Security & Reliability

Our system runs on cloud technology, guaranteeing 99.99% data security. We created a secure service that helps keep all your media files safe.

Office locations


651 N Broad St Suite 201 Middletown Delaware 19709