Digital Asset Management DAM Picvario

Intuitive software for optimizing workflow with visual content

DAM systems allow centralizing, systematizing, searching, and sharing all types of digital files (images, video, audio, etc.). Platform to sort endless files, folders, and storage of digital content. An easy solution to get your tasks done and reduce stress.

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Secure storage and various connective storages

The system can be deployed as a cloud version and on the customer’s servers (SaaS or On-Premise).  Connect your storage to a single platform, including S3-storage, FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox. 

On average, medium-size companies have up to 75% investment return when SaaS DAM is implemented.

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Diverse searching options

Sophisticated search options allow you to find frequently used assets and rediscover forgotten ones. Increase the lifecycle of the asset and conserve resources. Our platform has simple and advanced searches, Boolean searches, wildcard searches. Looking further? Search by orientation or unfilled fields.

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Sharing and downloading assets based on your business needs

Specify your requirements on how assets should be distributed, how long, and with whom. Create and share personalized links. Protected internal and external download options by limiting access rights.

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AI Enhancers

Why should you do all the work? AI will enhance media assets with information: AI tags, age, emotions, translate metadata, and recognize faces. If your team is looking for a specific function, AI features can be installed on your demand.

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Instantly translate title, description, tags, alt text, licenses, and copyright fields. The platform supports XX languages and allows an unlimited number of translations per field. Enabling our users to work with international clients.

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API Integration

Complement and extend the capabilities of the software you use. Thanks to the Picvario API, you can integrate any function at any stage of the asset lifecycle: at no extra cost. Through API protocol, all of the system’s functions are available. Authorization is accomplished using Active Directory or Google G Suite. Integration with CMS has been implemented in previous projects.

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Customize your workspace

Edit the taxonomy and metadata fields to your necessity for convenient organization and searches. Create one of a kind platform that meets your personal wants and your companies needs. Personalize the platform with your colours, logos, and domain to promote brand identity.