Picvario is a corporate platform for storing, searching and managing media assets
Digital asset management (or DAM system) is a system for storing your digital assets (brand assets, photos, videos, etc.). This technology allows you to search for the desired asset in one click, catalog media content, provide access to content from anywhere, manage content security, distribute rights between users, monitor compliance with the rules of brand asset usage, and monetize content if necessary.

Intuitive management of corporate digital media content

Does your team have to spend dozens of hours a week searching for digital media assets? Take advantage of Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology. The Picvario DAM system speeds up the search process and makes it easier to access your assets from a single cloud-based hub. Picvario can quickly scan entire libraries and spot the exact file your team is looking for based on metadata and automatically recognized objects. It can even find new options you were not even aware of, thereby increasing the efficiency of your business processes.

Easy way to share your digital assets

Easily share files with an unlimited number of internal and external users.
Transfer created assets among your employees, distributed teams, divisions, agencies, and partners no matter where they are, employing robust privacy controls and user-level permissions and avoiding endless email exchanges.

Artificial intelligence technologies

Artificial intelligence technologies make it possible to add information to image metadata. The solution incorporates technologies that recognize faces, logos, objects, texts and more.

Other artificial intelligence technologies can be integrated at the customer's request. With the innovative VISION module, artificial intelligence systems can be incorporated at little cost.

API integration

Full system functionality is available via API. The solution supports authorization via Active Directory and Google G Suite. The system is also integrated into the Sberbank MRM system, projects use integration with the cms website.

We continue to integrate various products into the system and are ready to do this for specific customer requests.

Picvario functionality

Accurate search of the required files using metadata and data obtained by AI.
Smart Search
The system administrator can grant rights to users and groups to view, edit, delete, import/export, and access workflows. User rights can be configured for the entire media database or any parts of it.
User rights management
Below is a short summary of the platform's main functions. However, Picvario can also be customized to meet your needs.
Picvario supports the main file formats for images, video, audio, and documents.
Support for various formats
When importing, the Picvario system generates proxy versions (small copies of files) and supports file previews. This allows you to view photos, illustrations, videos, and PDF documents without downloading them to your computer.
Generation of proxy versions
The face recognition module saves time and resources. The administrator can view recognized faces, assign names to them, and fix system errors common for the algorithms.
Face recognition
Property templates can be used to automate asset metadata population. They are predefined datasets that can be applied to downloaded assets. Templates can be applied in bulk to an infinite number of assets.
Property templates
Picvario Collector allows you to automatically collect, define, and save images from the sources you are interested in. Collector recognizes the faces of celebrities in images and adds their names to metadata.
Uploading assets from external sources
Picvario can be customized: metadata fields can be configured upon request and based on the customer's needs.
Picvario can be customized to suit your brand. Add your own logo, personalize headers, and brand colors.
White Label
Active Directory integration ensures that your employees will have the right access to Picvario.
AD Authentication
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DAM system saves

Up to 50% of your photo and video production budgets by reusing content that will never be lost
Up to 25% of time spent on file description thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence systems
Time spent on routine tasks
Up to 30% of the working time that your employees spend looking for media files
Working time

Clients about Picvario

Vladislav Smirnov
«We have been working with Picvario for over a year. The DAM module is integrated into our MRM (Marketing Resource Management) system development. The Picvario team is fully involved in the process of optimizing our systems. They are finalizing DAM and creating the necessary integrations, for example, the authorization process using Open ID technology. We value our cooperation for their flexibility and professionalism».
Product manager, SberMarketing communication group:
Alyona Sakharova
«The Championat photo archive has existed since 2005 and contains more than 400,000 images. The main task when creating a photo bank was to establish communication between the photo service and journalists, as well as to ensure that all editors can access the archive. With Picvario, this is easy to do. The photo service has optimized the image search process and made it convenient for all employees in the department. At the same time, integration enables the editorial office to use images directly from the website admin panel».
Editor at the Championat.com photo service
Dmitry Majorov
«Our corporate photo bank contains about 100,000 pictures taken at different times at different sites. We needed a system that would make it easy and convenient to manage. Picvario solves our main problems: batch uploading and tagging of media assets; it has a convenient search system, the ability to combine assets into collections, access level settings, and integration with AD. The system architecture means it can be customized, so we can quickly modify it for specific tasks».
Head of digital communications Polymetal International PLC


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