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How to improve Your Creative Workflow with DAM

Despite the slow pace of the digital economy’s growth, marketing professionals continue to produce more content than ever before. Creativity is a passion for every organization, and it can be seen throughout the various departments that are involved in its success. A creative workflow starts from brainstorming ideas for a new advertising campaign to developing a marketing strategy for a new product, creativity can be seen in all aspects of the organization.

The production of unique and innovative content can help a brand stand out from the crowd. This is why it is important that a company has a culture that encourages creativity within its various departments. This helps employees develop their talents and allows them to focus on creating compelling work.

According to a 2021 report, over 50% of all corporate data globally is stored in the cloud. The pandemic highlighted the importance of digitization. It is now possible for the public and private sectors to provide more services online, which will allow people to perform their actions more safely and efficiently. This can reduce the number of people waiting in line at the office.

What is the creative workflow?

Creative Workflow - DAM Picvario

A creative workflow usually involves organizing key areas of a project, such as a member who will be in charge of the project’s details, the timeline, and the overall status. The goal of the workflow process is to create new ideas for both launch campaigns and new content. During the steps, asset management gets in from where studio time is booked, and logos, video files, and documents are created and stored in certain systems.

Everything is usually documented so that team leaders can easily access all the details of the processes and keep track of all the tasks. This document serves as a record of the project’s progress, from concept to final approval.

Typical components for an effective creative workflow process

  • Keeping track of all the files: Having the right member who can keep track of your files is very important to ensure that all the employees are working seamlessly. This is because, in addition to keeping track of all of your work, teams also have to be able to access the various sources and files that are being worked on simultaneously.
  • Having one source of data: Due to the increasing trend of employees working from different time zones and locations, it’s becoming more important that teams have the necessary resources to keep up with their work. Despite the various distribution channels that teams use, they still need to be able to work on projects as if they’re in the same building.
  • Hitting deadlines: Agencies need to work together seamlessly to avoid creating confusion and chaos during the production of content. One of the most critical factors that any brand or agency must consider is hitting deadlines. However, hitting speed bumps can also be unavoidable. This is why it’s important that they have a flexible creative agency workflow.

The above-mentioned components might be the missing pieces in your organization, the employees are not in sync which makes meeting deadlines a huge challenge? Well, you have come to the right place, we will look into how incorporating the dam creative process can improve the creativity flow in your organization.

How can DAM improve your creative workflow Process?

How to improve Your Creative Workflow with DAM
  1. Quick file search: A good digital asset management system has a search function, which can help you find all of your files in seconds. You can easily find your media files by using metadata.  This eliminates a day’s long task of hopping from one device or storage to another to find that one specific file.
  2. One source collaboration tool: You have been using email or a project management tool to store notes, add or remove assets, and revise or even delete them. Doing so can be very time-consuming. With a digital asset management workflow, you are able to combine multiple elements, such as email and an asset management system, and you can manage all of your communication related to your assets from one platform, this eliminates the time-consuming tasks of sending and receiving emails.
  3. Integration with other software: One of the most important factors that you can consider when it comes to enhancing productivity and improving the dam creative process of your organization is connecting your digital asset management system to various tools. There are a variety of platforms that allow you to connect your assets to multiple applications, such as a Content Management System or a Customer Relationship Management software. Even if you use different platforms, most of them have open APIs that let you build custom integrations.
  4. Easily keep track of all revisions: As your co-workers revise and review the latest draft, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of the changes, using a digital asset management system helps you keep track of all the changes and updates. The system allows you to link to the most recent version whenever you click on the asset.
  5. Secured managed access: With a digital asset management system, team members can easily control the assets that their external and internal users can access. This eliminates the need for them to manually manage files and allows them to focus on what they need to work on.
  6. Centralized storage: A digital asset management system helps organizations improve their efficiency when it comes to managing media assets by creating a central hub for all of their media files. You are able to connect your external storage with just a few clicks you do not have to worry about manually moving your assets, the system is automated with just plug and sync. This enables your organization to maintain a consistent brand image and provide a single source of truth for its marketing and sales departments.

Using Picvario’s digital asset management system as your creative workflow management tool can help your organization improve its efficiency and speed up its creative processes. Our platform allows creatives to do what they do best, and it is built to help them visualize their ideas. Sign up for our demo to get started!

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