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Picvario Updates February 2022

New storages integration, multilingual properties with automatic translation, and other enhancements in the new release.

Multilingual properties with automatic translation

Multilingual properties — another feature that helps to optimize the process of describing images and files in DAM. We are sure that it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Multilingual properties can be enabled for the following metadata fields: Title, Description, Copyright, Usage Rights, Alt Text (Accessibility). To do this, check Multilingual in the administration panel: Home > Content > Props.

Picvario Updates February
 Enable multilingual function in the Administrator panel
  • 184 languages are available as per ICO 639
  • During import of files, it is possible to specify a set of required languages
  • Users with permission to edit metadata have access to the multilingual feature
  • After disabling the multilingual feature in the metadata field, all previously added language fields will be preserved
Picvario Updates February 2022
Addition of language fields in the right sidebar

To translate automatically, hover over the locale and the «…» symbol, followed by clicking «Translate». The system will enter data into the appropriate locales.  If you select multiple assets, a mass translation from the selected language to the added languages will be performed and applied.

Picvario Updates February 2022
Translation of the title field
Picvario Updates February 2022
Automatic translation of title and description fields

Connecting new external storages

— Integration with Dropbox

After the update, the system allows you to connect OneDrive and DropBox to your Picvario workspace. The technology is identical to Google Drive — just connect the cloud in system settings and confirm permission. This function is only available to system administrators.

For server versions (on-Premise), we added the ability to connect a local folder as an external storage

Picvario Updates February 2022

Additional Updates

  1. When viewing the collection, the main asset is marked with a symbol
  2. Zoom hotkeys for assets and collections 
    • «Ctrl Shift +» / «Ctrl Shift -» for Windows
    • «Cmd Shift +»/ «Cmd Shift -» for Mac
Picvario Updates February 2022
The thumbnail for the collection is labeled

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