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Digital assets are just like their physical counterparts. This refers to any files that are on your servers, such as photos, documents, and other files. All of these your business has the right to use.

If your business isn’t managing the files properly, you may end up losing business. In fact, half of businesses out there do not store their files properly. That’s why it’s essential for you to have some way to keep everything organized.

That’s where digital asset management, or DAM software comes in. Here are some digital asset management benefits.

Productive professionals and teams use an all-in-one ally that manages videos, pictures, and document files — for most file types. Organize, manage, and use your media files more efficiently. It is ideal for personal, small, and medium businesses, and corporate applications.

With digital asset management solutions, you can

  • Manage your entire multimedia archive
  • Input metadata faster, with less work
  • Customize your DAM software to your brand
  • Add tags to quickly find what you need
  • Handle all the major media file types including documents

Give digital assets management (DAM) a trial in your company — it’s free, for 14 days. Start making better results with your assets, no matter the size of your media archives.

Helping Everything Stay Organized

First, DAM keeps your materials organized and easy to search. Even if your computer is somewhat organized, it can take a good while for you or your employees to find what you are looking for. With DAM, everything is more organized so that everyone can focus on other matters at hand.

You may think you can organize everything without DAM, but we are all prone to human error. Even if you do organize everything, there is a chance that you end up making everything messy. Think of DAM as a cleaner who comes in can reduce time on projects by up to 30%.

Helps you Save your Assets Safely

Missing digital assets may lead to lost revenue. When you’re selling a digital asset and you can’t seem to locate it, you won’t be able to make sales. This can decrease revenue until you find the asset.

DAM software helps you by keeping everything under one roof and making it easy to find any assets that you thought you were missing.

Keeps Your Brand Consistent

With your assets, your servers may have old logos and other information that is a little outdated. Any business needs to keep their brand updated. However, wading through all your assets to find the latest version can be a challenge.

DAM makes it easier by keeping your assets up-to-date and easy for you to find, while also making it easier to look through the archives if needed.

Saves You Money

Overall, DAM can save you some money. When you’re wasting less time looking for your assets, you can earn more money. You also have less of a chance of losing your assets and having to make new ones.

Organization is key for any business’s survival. Even if your business is smaller, you can still benefit from DAM and what it has to offer for your company.

More Benefits

There are other benefits which you can get from DAM software, and they include:

  • Streamlines your distribution since it’s all connected. The materials are all right there, encrypted and protected, and able to be accessed at any point.
  • The ability to allow only certain users to access this, which helps keep even the most sensitive content protected. You can also limit who is allowed to download the files that are located within the software.
  • Allows for ease of access since you can find all of the assets right away, and do what you need to in order to protect and distribute these assets to others.

DAM software is integral for businesses, and good to use.

Picvario Can Help

If you want to take advantage of DAM software, Picvario can help. Picvario is a DAM platform that makes it easy to put all your assets where you need them.

If you want to learn more about Picvario, and want to learn its digital asset management pricing, contact them today. They can get you a free quote and show what they can offer your business.

Achieve more with your DAM software

Elastic Search Technology

Find the exact files you’re looking for like you’re making a Google search. Use advanced search features to navigate search results faster.

S3 object storage support

This program supports S3 storage classes such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google Drive. Including FTP. Merge with your favorite storage easily and minimize usage.

Facial recognition capability

The app automatically recognizes faces in pictures, names them, and helps you save time with editing errors.

Bulk editing feature

Don’t waste time editing files one at a time. Use AI’s assistance and property templates to cut through manual tasks faster.

AD, ADFS and Google G Suite Autentification

API integration and authorization via Google Suite, Microsoft Active Directory and Active Directory Federation Services make this the best versatile asset for managing your media library.

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