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Results for 2022 and our holiday working schedule

December gives us a celebratory mood, but we are still in working mode – finishing projects, summing up and making plans. 
In the past year, we have been actively developing the platform and adding new features based on our dear customers’ suggestions. We are incredibly grateful for your valuable feedback! 

Let’s look back at our achievements in 2022:

We have been actively implementing artificial intelligence. We compared various neural networks to choose the most efficient. As a result, we added technologies for automatic object tagging and auto translation of metadata.

We continued to integrate external storage systems – OneDrive and Dropbox.

Various formats of documents, tables and presentations are now available. The tabular and list view of the asset feed was added.

We enabled watermarks for asset protection and ability to independently register external users and their affiliation to organizations.

Created a download statistics module for files and the ability to integrate between all of Picvario’s platforms. These features will allow you to distribute content more efficiently on a free or fee basis.

Integrating creative collections adds over 120 million images and videos to your arsenal.

We worked hard to make the interface more convenient, optimize settings from the administrator panel, and facilitate import, export and system processing speed.

Our plans for 2023:

Links between assets

Often, files of different formats are interconnected by a certain logic of business processes (e.g., when files relate to the same project, product, etc.). By implementing this function, it will be possible to highlight these connections. 

Comments and notices

Discussions and approvals right in the system – no more messengers, letters and calls. All in one place.

Composite assets

Sometimes, an asset consists of several files (e.g., a drawing in three projections, a photo in RAW and its adjustment in XML, and a video project at the editing stage). By implementing this function, it will be possible to keep the separate files of a single asset together. 

We hope this was a pleasant spoiler 🙂

Our hours during the holidays

We are available throughout the holidays at support@picvario.com.

Thank you for being with us this year! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please spend more time with your loved ones, rest, enjoy happy moments and live your life to the fullest!

Best wishes,

Picvario team

Results for 2022 and our holiday working schedule

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