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Picvario 2.8 Release. December 2022 

In December 2022, we integrated two unique functions into the system:  

First: Picvario Workspace Integration  

Our platform wasn’t created as an isolated tool to work with your content more efficiently. We want to create an entire network of our users. We are confident that our users have a significant potential for synergy. 

The number of our users is already quite significant (more than 120 of us!), and it is growing daily. Our users include creative content creators, photo and video agencies, full-service advertising agencies, media, educational institutions, sports teams and federations, government agencies, large corporations and small businesses. 

Some of us create content to monetize it, while others want to spread the word about their work. 

Due to the Picvario Workspace Integration function, the installations are now able to communicate with each other, that is, to exchange content. This function can be configured by the system administrator and used for free content distribution and monetization. 

Let us analyze a few cases of using the Workspace Integration function: 

1.If a company is interested in a broader distribution of content? The assets with “public” status can be integrated into the media’s search bar – Picvario’s user. 

2. A large corporation has several subsidiaries. The subsidiaries manage their own media archives, but the corporation’s management intends to use some of the content collectively. 

3. The central installation of Picvario is deployed on-Premise, and security policies prohibit the registration of external users. However, there is a need to interact with the media and content providers. Deploying a public bank in the cloud and integrating both systems is possible. 

The Workspace Integration function applies to SaaS, On-Premise, or PaaS installations. The set-up details are described in the help center. 

Second: Integration with external media content sources 

Many users of our system often lack creative materials. As a result, they have to use a third-party photo and video banks, third-party search engines and negotiate licensing terms. 

We have done a great job of saving our users from this headache. 

By activating this function, our users can access over 120 million stock images and videos directly in the Picvario search bar. 

A simple pricing and licensing scheme will save you time and money. 

We will be happy to demonstrate how the new function works, help with settings and advise on conditions of use. 

Picvario 2.8 Release. December 2022 

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