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Picvario Update. April 2022 

Metadata fields support geometric format, registration of users in your Picvario space, and additional refinements.

Geological property fields 

Addition of a new type of metadata property type — geolocation for data from GPS.  

Picvario Update. April 2022 
Display of geodata on a map within the property panel.

Internal registration of users in company space 

The administrator can activate the registration of users in the Picvario space.  To enable: go to System Settings > Options > Allow registration of users. The function is only available on the Enterprise plan. 

After activation, a registration form in yourpicvariospace.picvar.io/login will become available. Once a user is registered, the administrator will receive an email about the new registration, and the user will be added to all groups marked as default and with permission. 

Picvario Update. April 2022 
System setting option to enable user registration. 

Improvements to the existing functionality: 

  • Import log. Users can download the import log by clicking the Picvario Update. April 2022  icon. Import log can be downloaded in the interface and used to share information with technical support.
Picvario Update. April 2022 

2. Ability to order the taxonomy on the platform. The setting is available in the Django Home > Taxonomy > Taxons.

Picvario Update. April 2022 
Move taxa to the required order in the admin panel. 

3. Additional permissions for a user or group actions when working with collections (add/exclude/main). All users with rights to edit the asset will automatically to updated to the new permissions.

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