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Update Picvario 2.7 September 2022

List View

DAM systems have historically worked with a thumbnail view of images and video – a tiled display format. However, some tasks require a quick view of metadata in multiple assets. List view allows users to see access information with greater convenience. 

Compare the examples below: the first screenshot is the familiar tile format, and the next two screenshots are list view and table view. In both new formats, you can add columns with metadata properties, as well as specify sorting requirements. 

Enable and customize

To switch between display types, select the gears icon and the desired format – Table/List/Tile.

Update Picvario 2.7

Additional columns with metadata properties and sorting are available in the admin panel: Home → Content → Props.

Update Picvario 2.7 September 2022

Interface improvements when working with collections

Addition of a module for fast simultaneous work with collections and assets. In this mode, you can add/remove an asset from a collection by drag-and-drop.

Update Picvario 2.7 September 2022
Moving an asset from the ribbon to the collection in a manner of taxonomy.

Other refinements and improvements

Metadata export/import templates for user and organization

Metadata import/export templates can now be linked to User or Organization. The screenshot below shows an example in which the “Licensor” property will always be set to “All rights belong to Picvario” when importing a file for the Organization “Picvario”.

Import/export template hierarchy: Base level template → Asset level template → Organization specific import template → User specific import template

Stats of external storages

Connection statuses are implemented to check the availability of external storages:

Update Picvario 2.7 September 2022
Status of external storages in the interface (date:time)

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